A set of Fountain Pen Ink and a dashing Notebook to set up your Stationary Collection

In the world splurged with e-books, e-mail, social networking, smartphones and kindle, the modest and submissive fountain pen has made a power-packed comeback with sales doubling in 2015. This has invariably led to a very high demand for fountain pen ink. As fountain pens work on the principle of capillary action, their ink is almost always dye-based. These pens are a purest form of joy that can be bestowed upon the owner of an elegant fountain pen. You can choose among a wide range of colours that are readily available, or you may make your own exclusive shade by mixing two or more colours.

fountain pen ink

Ink of the fountain pens is relatively cheaper and eco-friendly and there is always a feel of satisfaction in the process of filling up an ink pen.

Various types of inks available for fountain pens

Though this process can be inconvenient at certain points, but the variety of fountain pen inks available for sale is a literal proof of the popularity of these pens. Any reputable brand of ink is well suited for a fountain pen, though there are a few kinds of pens that are more choosy about ink. This has led to even a further variety of colours and viscosity, though normally, the choice of ink is normally dependent on the personal preferences and the cost of fountain pen ink.

Fountain pen ink is not generally water-resistant because the properties that make the ink waterproof are not congenial to the expensive and delicate fountain pen entrails. Pigment based ink containing solid pigmented particles may tend to block the capillaries of the fountain pen. Hence, it is always better to opt for a dye-based ink that is free of sediments, free-flowing and non-corrosive. These features may be compromised at times if you are willing to use uncommon fountain pen ink colors or ink that does not fade over time.

Choosing a notebook for jotting down with your fountain pens

Once you get a favourable ink for your fountain pen, your next search may concern a suitable notebook to write on with your pricey pen. You can take a look at the very stylish leuctturm1917 notebooks with soft covers. This simple black notebook is very posh, and its synthetic top cover is very soft and smooth on hands, which doesn’t get discoloured even after years of usage. It has an elastic closure and a black ribbon marker that holds it together, and the sides are squared and all the pages are neatly and carefully aligned while cutting. It has a front page entirely dedicated to mentioning your name and other details while the next page is left blank following another page containing a printed content-table. read more