Large Format Printers: an Overview

The advertisement business would have been dead if not for large format printers (also known as wide format printers). These amazing machines have enabled personalization and accuracy to advertisement paraphernalia such as huge banners and large posters. They can also be used to print wallpapers, murals, duratrans, vehicle wraps, architectural and structural plans and backdrops. Because of this, these products have caused a lot of advertising company to gain popularity and income. However, these things are a little high maintenance because they heat up so much and the printer nozzle gets clogged a little bit easier compared to the smaller printers. Despite that being said, that problem is not even considered a problem because there are a lot of large format printer maintenance that might help you with your printer needs. If you don’t have a large format printer but planning to have one, the list below will provide you certain details that you need to know about them. So, read on.

large format printer maintenance


Large format printers are categorized by the technology that it uses. Each of them requires a specific kind of large format printer maintenance. These categories are plotter, aqueous, solvent and UV. Plotters are basically printers with pens in the end that are guided by a computer. Unlike the other printer categories, this kind of printer does not go well with color printing. This is because it draws lines which is why it is more commonly used in blueprints and layouts. Because of its unique characteristics, plotter maintenance is a little more complicated compared to the others. It also has more mechanical components compared to the other printer types. Also, due to this, plotter maintenance is also a little more expensive compared to the other printer types. Hence, expert plotter repairs are required to execute it properly. Aqueous and solvent printers are named based on the inks that are used. Aqueous printers use water based printers while solvent printers utilize solvent based inks. UV printers on the other hand use inks that dry up when exposed to UV light making the products waterproof.


Well, first of all you have the ability to print bigger banners, ads and posters. This attracts more business opportunities for you and growth for your company. Possessing a wide format printer (large format printer) can also significantly cut down costs on print job which most people send out to third party service providers. This means that print jobs will be faster because they are done in your office and do not require business deals, delivery and meetings. In addition to this, your company can even make a sideline business out of your wide format printer (large format printer). Because these printers are very sophisticated technological tools, the quality of the output is way better compared to the smaller normal printers.

These printers can cost up to six hundred up to a couple thousand dollars. They can be an investment if you choose the one that fits you and your needs. With that being said, it is important to maintain it. Large format printer maintenance will be the key to ensure a longer lifespan for your printer. For more details, just visit

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