Tips on Choosing the Best DNS Provider

Virtually, all businesses nowadays rely on the internet in order to connect with their customers both the existing ones and the prospective ones. It is, therefore, critical for these businesses to maintain an optimal performance of their websites in order to deliver on the expectations of their users. If a website is slow or experiences constant outages, it is likely to negatively affect the reputation of your business as well as the ability of your business to generate revenues and retain customers.  This will be the case unless you are working with a top notch DNS service provider. DNSimple are the best DNS provider in this regard thanks to its winning service and a high degree of reliability.

There are businesses that generally choose to build and manage their own DNS infrastructure. However, this is an undertaking that is riddled with so much complexity. Poor management of the DNS infrastructure is likely to lead to more downtimes which will directly impact your business bottom line. Choosing a reliable DNS provider is, therefore, one of the best ways in which you can ensure a high level of service availability for those mission-critical web-based systems. Look for a reliable DNS provider that will give you a relative peace of mind. DNSimple are the best DNS provider in the industry and will guarantee users incredible service uptimes, great customer service and an array of tools that will provide for an incredible DNS performance. There are several factors that you should look into when you are deciding on the best-managed solutions that will be ideal for your business. These include the following:

  • Do They Have the Right Experience and Track Record?Whatever service that you choose should offer you a proven solution as well as a real-world application.
  • Look at the performance: A good service should provide you with very fast DNS responses from all locations when you are running under any traffic load conditions.
  • Availability: Look at the service availability of the DNS provider. It should not have any point of failure in its service.DNSimple are the best DNS provider and generally offer great uptime guarantees.
  • DNS Security: This is another important consideration when you are looking for a DNS provider. Generally, the DNS company that you choose to work with should be one that is capable on ensuring the integrity of your DNS data.
  • Resiliency Against DDoS Attacks: These are bound to happen at one point or another. Whatever service driver that you choose should be able to defend you against DDoS attacks.
  • Online Service Management: Any service that you choose should provide you with an easy-to-use interface capable of supporting multiple user roles as well as the existing workflows.
  • Global Traffic Management: Global traffic management capabilities by a DNS provider will ensure that your traffic runs smoothly.
  • Continuous Investment and Innovation: A good DNS provider should constantly innovate and invest in its infrastructure. They should show a consistent and demonstrable commitment to continuously invest in the DNS infrastructure in order to improve their service performance and quality.
  • Service Along with Support: Choose a DNS provider that will offer an outstanding service 24/7. These considerations should help in choosing the best service provider to whom you can outsource your DNS management needs.

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