Top Features of All-in-one Printers

Multifunction printers have been in existence for a long time. The industry has undergone many changes in the last decade. With issues revolving around efficiency and space, many users in the printing market are leaning towards multifunction printers. For a one-time purchase, you can avoid minimize expenses and improve efficiency and convenience in your printing work. Besides, reliable technicians from centers for Canon printer repairs in Sydney by PRC are available for any technical hitch.

Consider available space before you buy

However, you need to consider the space available when you shop for a multi-function printer. With dimensions larger than the standard printer, you should look for a space that will accommodate the machine adequately before it swings into operation.

In addition, when the machine develops any problem that may need the intervention of technicians, you may just invite Canon printer repairs in Sydney by PRC for an on-site repair. This is because the machines are not lightweight, weighing more than thirty pounds.

Here are some activities to accomplish with all-in-one printers

You can scan documents:  where printing services are involved, scanning activities are also necessary. Scanning helps you minimize the amount of paper that might cause clutter in your office. A multifunction printer will provide the basic function of a scanner, making it a better investment for your office.

You can fax documents: multi-function printers come with an inbuilt fax machine, which you can use if you fax regularly. Always check the speed of the fax machine and the number of pages it can store in its memory. And just in case of any technical problem, you can consult reliable centers for Canon printer service OR Canon printer repairs in Sydney. See more at Printer repairs

You can duplicate documents: Aside from scanning and faxing, multifunction printers perform copying as part of their function. However, you need to know how you will use the copier before you buy the MFP. For example, if you prefer color copies, then you should get an inkjet model of MFP. You can get more advice about this from reliable centers for Canon printer repairs in Sydney by PRC.

Other features of multifunction printers

 Aside from the main features mentioned, a multifunction printer comes with additional features, which include an Automatic Document Feeder. This feature may not be present in all multifunction printers. This feature enables you to feed the machine with many papers at once, instead of adding more papers after some time. It can take at least thirty sheets at once.

Another feature that is common to multifunction printers is duplexing. This feature enables the machine to print the sheets on both sides, which comes handy when you print brochures or flyers. This feature may not be available in every MFP, and in other machines, it can be an added feature at an extra cost.

Finally, you should check if the printer is Bluetooth-enabled. This technology is new, but it is essential if you are going to work in a networked environment with many computers. In addition, you can find a suitable location for the machine as long as it is within the network range.

Overall, with a multifunction printer, you are sorted with many issues. For regular servicing and repair, consult urgent Canon printer repair in Sydney.

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